Bankruptcy laws help many people who cannot pay their creditors get a fresh start. By liquidating assets of theirs to pay their debts, or by creating a repayment plan. Bankruptcy  also protect troubled businesses and provide them for orderly distributions to business creditors through reorganization or liquidation.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy:

  • you want to keep your home (e.g. protect against foreclosure)
  • you have other significant non-exempt assets.

The offer gives you a little bit of relief from many debt obligations, it isn’t a panacea. For instance, if you owe federal income tax, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will not relieve you of that obligation. Your best solution for a smooth financial realignment is to speak with a professional bankruptcy attorney about your case.

If you are considering filing bankruptcy, call now to speak with one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys to get the advice and assistance you need and answer any questions you have.